Capita Horrorscope Review – 2017 Snowboard Overview

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Sizes: 149, 151, 153, 155

Price: $369 (2018) –

Type: Freestyle/Park

Riding Level: Beginner- Expert

Shape: Twin

Camber Profile: Flat to rocker

Flex: 4/10 – Very Flexy

First Thoughts

The Capita Horrorscope snowboard is a very good board for park or freestyle riders. The board has a very good flex making it a very fun and playful board to ride in and out of the park. It has a flat to rocker camber profile meaning it is a mix of flat and rocker making it more poppy and responsive.


The Capita Horrorscope naturally is a park and freestyle snowboard. This board accelerates mostly in the terrain park on rails and jumps. With the flat rocker base, the board has more pop and response.


The carving on this board is pretty average. It has a pretty stable base so it has a normal carving feel, but it may struggle to carve through thick slush or powder. With thicker snow the carving becomes washy and harder to control.


This board sacrifices stability for the ability to excel on jibs and terrain park. Buttering on this board is super fun an easy, as it dosn’t take much to shift your body weight to the nose or tail and do a press.


This board has a 4/10 flex rating, as that means the board is pretty flexy. The horrorscope is a very fun board to play around on and mess around in the park with. With such a soft flex, popping onto jibs is much easier and so are ollies or nollies. Also, with it having such a high flex, some stability will be sacrificed meaning this boards ability to perform in powder or thick snow will decrease.


This board is any jibbers dream. The soft flex allows for effortless nose and tail presses and higher pop when ollieing. This board can easily lock onto rails and boxes allowing for good control while jibbing. Everything about this boards jibbing ability will make park rider smile.


The softer flex dosn’t make the horrorscope the best board for doing jumps, but it definitely can be used for jumps. It has a sturdy base so sturdy takeoffs and landings are a bit easier, just be sure to land bolts. Even though this board mostly excels with jibbing, it can definitely shred some jumps.

Should You Buy?

After riding this board a couple of times I immediately fell in love with it. It is the board that I currently ride and it is an amazing board in and out of the park. Jibbing on this board is like a dream. It makes locking into rails so much easier and spinning off of rails is a breeze. With freestyle snowboarding the horrorscope won’t let you down as it is very responsive and has a lot of pop, making side hits a lot more fun. The shorter nose and tail make spinning a bit easier as it has less board to spin so its more responsive. I very much enjoy this board and plan to use it next season too. I would recommend the Capita Horroscope to any freestyle/ terrain park rider. My personal rating on this board would be an 8.5/10.

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