Gloves or Mittens?

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Gloves or Mittens? This age-old question has had mitten enthusiast and glove enthusiast debating across the mountain ranges. Which is warmer? Which allows for the most mobility and convenience? Is there a best of both worlds? In the end it all comes down to your preference and which you prefer to rock. In this post we’ll discuss which option would work best for your winter needs.


There’re all kinds of gloves and mittens designed for different temperatures. Different thickness and waterproofing of different gloves and mittens are going to decide which to use for which temperature. For warmer slushy days a thin glove would be your best option. You can buy gloves pretty thin with a high breathability rating and waterproof rating, as mittens usually tend to be a bit warmer and gloves will allow your fingers to breathe easier on warm days. For colder climates most would argue that a mitten with the same insulation and waterproof rating would keep your hands warmer as you can keep your fingers together and keep them warm with your body temperature warming your fingers. Also, with mittens you can slide hand warmers inside easier and move them around your fingers and palm. If your fingers get chilly in your mitts you can also always clasp them together to make a fist to warm your numb digits. Some gloves with heavy insulation might be a better bet as the insulation will be around each finger keeping each finger warm.


When it comes down to mobility gloves are the obvious winner as you can move each finger individually. With gloves, you will be able to grab objects easier and use your fingers to perform certain task easier such as pushing buttons. When your on the slopes though you most likely won’t have many tasks for just your fingers, you can tighten bindings and adjust your gear as easily in mittens as you can mittens. But everyone has different days and tasks to perform on the mountain so it all comes down to your personal choice and preferences.


Is there a best of both worlds? Yes there is! Lobster gloves is the answer. Lobster gloves are half mitten, half glove. They are a glove for your thumb and pointer finger, and a mitten for your other 3 fingers. With the glove utilizing your pointer finger you have a finger and a thumb to use to grab different objects and a mitten to keep your other three fingers warm and together.


Lastly it all comes down to how you like to style your gear and look on the slopes. Mittens can have more surface area for more room for designs and graphics. Me personally, I like to rock me some mittens on the mountain because I like the bigger area for a more eye-catching graphic on front, I have friends though that are 100% team gloves because they like the way their mittens fit their “look” and that’s completely fine! At the end of the day it is your gear and your choice on what you like.

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