How to Buy Winter Gloves – Never Choose Bad Gloves Again

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Your hands are the most likely to freeze in colder temperatures, so choosing the right winter gloves is key to keeping your hands warm in the winter. Before choosing your gloves you will want to decide what you will be wearing the gloves for. Different activities require different gloves, so keep that in mind while reading. In this article I will tell you how to buy winter gloves to keep your hands warm and cozy all winter.


Choosing a glove that is too big will keep your hands cold and picking a glove that is too small can be uncomfortable and irritate your skin. When wearing the glove, you want your finger tips to not be jammed against the tip of the glove, rather you want your finger tips to graze the tip. There should be a little bit of room between the glove and your hand and fingers. When you clasp your hand into a fist the glove should feel tight, it should feel snug. The glove should cover your wrist, if its too small it won’t cover your whole hand or wrist. Refer to chart below for gloves ordering size.

Gloves or Mittens?

Gloves are the most popular choice when it comes down to gloves or mittens, but both have their own advantages and disadvantages. They more ideal for wearing and doing task with your hands more. With the separated fingers you can grab stuff and handle gear easier and any other activity you would need your fingers for.

Mittens generate more heat for your fingers as they are next to each other, but mittens will restrict what you can do with your fingers with them on. You can still grab with mittens on, just can’t do certain activities such as using your phone or unzipping.


Depending on the temperature and activity you will be doing while wearing the gloves will depend on how much insulation you will need. If your’e hands are going to be coming into contact with snow, then you will want more insulation or a thicker glove to keep your hands warm in the cold snow. If you are just wearing them out shopping or running errands, then you will most likely want a thin glove, as you will be only outside for short periods of time. Temperature is also a factor when choosing winter gloves. For colder temperatures you will want a glove with more insulation. For warmer temperatures you will want a thinner glove so your hand can breathe more. If you will be doing an activity that requires a lot of movement or cardio then wearing thinner gloves will keep you hands from overheating. Seeing what temperature you will be using the gloves in, choosing what activity you will be doing, and how much movement you will be doing are all key when picking the perfect gloves.


If you gloves are going to coming into contact with snow then you will want a pair of waterproof gloves to prevent your hands from becoming wet and cold and avoiding frostbite. A good pair of waterproof gloves will keep water out but also allow your hands to breath to avoid overheating and sweating. When buying waterproof gloves the product description will often tell what material it uses for waterproofness. Many companies have their own waterproofing but the most popular is Gor-Tex. Gor-Tex is a very water proof and very breathable.

Additional Features

Heated- Battery operated gloves that heart up the glove using battery power. Very warm but can also be very pricy.

Touch Screen Compatibility – if you are going to want to use your phone with your gloves then you might consider gloves that have touch screen compatibility. These gloves you can use a touch screen with the gloves on.

Leashes or Wrist Cords – Wrist cords or leashes are straps that go around your wrist and are attached to your gloves or mittens. They come in handy when you don’t want your glove on but don’t want to hold it either, you can just take it off and let it dangle from your wrists. They come in handy when taking your gloves off on the ski lift. Don’t want to drop a glove off the lift because finding it isn’t guaranteed.

Zippered Pockets – The gloves have zippers on the side of on top of the glove that reveal a little pocket or pouch. In this pocket you can put hand warmers to keep your hands even warmer.

Thumb or Goggle Wipes – This feature comes in handy whenever you get snow or water on the outside of your goggles. A goggle wipe inserted on the glove can be used to wipe off snow or water and won’t leave a smudge on the goggles.






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