How To Put Bindings On a Snowboard – The Easiest Way

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Snowboard bindings can be very confusing to put on your snowboard if you don’t know what you’re doing. They aren’t that hard to put on once you know how to do it and have done it for your first time though. In this step by step process I will show you the easiest way to put bindings on a snowboard using just a philips screwdriver.

Materials and Tools

First things first you will want to gather your materials and tools or “tool”. Your binding materials should include The bindings themselves, two base plates (one for each binding), 8 screws and 8 washers. The only tool you will need is a philips screw driver.

                                                                      (One Binding)

Finding Your Stance

Your stance is going to play a crucial part in your riding so you want to make sure you set up the stance that works best for you. Your stance is made up of whether you are a regular or goofy rider, your stance width, and base plate angle. If you are regular you will want to put the left binding on the front of the board. If you are goofy you will want to put your right binding on the front of the board.

To find stance width, stand on your board and spread your legs out to a position that feels comfortable. Now look on the board and see where you feet are. Find the 4 screw holes your feet are over or closest too and those are where your bindings will go. On the bottom off the bindings there should be some numbers with tick marks. Those numbers represent the angle at which your feet will be. With your foot position found, you can spin the bindings around the base plate to align the arrow with your desired angle. Play around with the angle till you find something comfortable. You can place the bindings on the board and stand in them to simulate what it would feel like. If you don’t know what angle to use a common angle is placing both bindings at the 15 tick mark (or 15 degrees).


Attaching the Bindings to The Board

Place the binding with the base plate at the desired angle over the 4 screw holes you want it at. Make sure to put the bindings with the straps facing towards the ends of your board. Move your bindings so they have even room between the edges of the board and your toe and heel end of the binding. Now screw the binding into place with your washers and philips screw driver. If your binding had a cover plate like mine then screw that in last. There you go, your board and bindings are now ready to hit the slopes! Hope this helped and if you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below and I will be glad to answer them.





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