How to Repair a Snowboard Base – DIY Base Fix

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Whether you went to ham in the park or rode over a rock or tree branch, a gouge in your snowboard base can ruin your board if left untreated. I know from personal experience that if you don’t fill in a gouge in your board it will get worse and eventually destroy your board core or edges and that is a real bummer. Doing your own DIY snowboard base repair is fairly easy if the damage is minimal. In this article I will show you how to repair a snowboard base and get back on the slopes in no time.

Assess the Damage

Before you do any DIY repair on your snowboard you want to assess the damage on the board. If the gouge is deep enough to where you can see the wood core or the gouge is near or affecting the edges of the board it is best to take it into a shop to get it professionally fixed. If the gouge isn’t deep enough to see the core and isn’t near your edges then this article is for you!

Tools & Supplies

To repair your base you will need the proper tools and supplies. Some supplies you can find around the house others you might need to buy. I have linked some supplies for you if needed.

  1. Snowboard stand/ vise
  2. Scraper
  3. Wire Brush
  4. Base Cleaner
  5. Rubbing Alcohol
  6. Clean Towel or Rags
  7. P-Tex (Polyethylene)
  8. Propane Torch, Lighter

Base Preparation

  1. Place your board base side up on a vise or a snowboard stand. If you don’t have either of those you can use books to stack and place your board on them.
  2. Using your metal scraper scrape the base of your board around the damaged area to smooth the area down.
  3. Brush off any board scrapings or debris off the board.
  4. Clean the damaged area with base cleaner. Let the base cleaner dry.
  5. Use the rubbing alcohol and clean towel or rag to clean off the base cleaner after it has dried.

Fill the Gouge

  1. Use your lighter or propane torch to light the end of the P-Tex stick. You want the flame on the end of the P-Tex to be short and blue.
  2. Drip the P-Tex into the gouge until it is completely filled. Make sure the P-Tex fills the whole gouge and is somewhat level with the base.
  3. Wait 15 minutes for the P-Tex to dry.
  4. Using your metal scraper set the scraper at a 45 degree angle with the board base and scrape off any access P-Tex. Make sure the damaged area is level with the snowboard base.

After the gouge is filled with P-Tex and level with the snowboard base, your board is now ready for a fresh wax and soon to be back in shred condition.

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