How to Snowboard in Powder – Easiest Way

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You look out your window and see a freshly dumped two feet of snow! And its still coming! Looks like its about to be a great pow day. Cruising some fresh powder or taking huge pow turns is the best feeling for a snowboarder. Even though powder looks easy to ride in, don’t be fooled. The deep snow can make it very hard to control your board and avoid eating a face full of snow is more difficult than it may look. With these power tips on how to snowboard in powder, you will be carving up the back country in no time.


Bringing out you jib board for the terrain park isn’t the best idea for riding powder. For deep snow you want a bigger board with little flex. You need a stiffer board for better control and stability.

Nose Up!

The number one rule for riding powder is to always keep your nose up. If nose isn’t up then your board will get caught in the snow and you’ll whiplash face first into the cold snow. To keep you nose up, you will want to transition your weight to your back foot and lean back a little. This will keep your nose up and help you ride through the deep snow without catching the front of your board and crashing.

Float on The Snow

Think of riding through powder more as you want to float on top of the snow rather ride through it. Floating over the snow will make riding a lot smoother than appose to plowing through it. With your nose up you should almost glide on top of the snow. When distributing your weight, you want to lean back on your back foot, but not too much to where you fall backwards. You want your weight just right to where you feel balanced and your nose is gliding over the snow. Be light on your board and imagine yourself floating on the powder.

Practice Makes Perfect

Deep snow will make the best riders look like beginners. For your first couple of times riding in powder, you’ll most likely fall a few times….. or a lot. Don’t worry! With practice and getting use to how your board feels and responds in deeper snow, you will get better control at riding in powder. Don’t give up, because once you master riding in fresh pow, you can do as many giant pow turns as you want and ride pretty much everywhere on the mountain. The upside of riding in deep snow is it hurts a lot less to fall, so don’t be afraid to try it.





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