Snowboard Waxing Kits – Best Kits For Your Board This Season

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With winter fast approaching snowboarders everywhere rush to prepare their boards for the season. Waxing and tuning your board is a crucial step in preparing your snowboard. A good wax and tune can improve your boards life and performance. Gathering all the tools to fully wax and tune your board can be overwhelming, but with these three snowboard waxing kits, waxing and tuning will be simple and affordable.

Demon Complete Tune Kit with Wax

Price $64.99

This kit has literally everything you need to tune or wax your snowboard. Everything that comes in the kit can fit into one convenient carrying case for easy travel and storage. Instructions are included, so if you have no idea what your doing don’t worry. Also, includes 133 grams of demon wax to keep you supplied with plenty of wax. One downside of this kit is the brush is reviewed as too small.


  • flat file
  • edge tuner
  • wax scraper
  • tuning stone
  • wire brush
  • adjustable temperature iron
  • polish pad
  • P-Tex
  • carry case

Winterial Snowboard Tuning Kit

Price: $99.99

The Winterial Snowboard Tuning Kit is another great waxing kit that includes everything needed to start waxing and tuning your board. This kit also includes a carry case for easy travel and storage. For first timers, there are instructions on using the Winterial Snowboard Tuning Kit. One reviewed downside to this kit is that the cord for the iron is a little short, so an extension cord might be needed.


  • waxing iron
  • edge too
  • french all temp rated wax
  • steel wool
  • plastic scraper
  • metal scraper
  • P-Tex
  • 2 files
  • wire brush

Oneball Jay Snowboard Tune Kit

Price: $69.95

The Oneball Jay Snowboard Tune Kit is a more simple kit as it does not include every item needed for a complete tune and wax. Where this kit lacks materials it makes up for with its iron. The One Ball Jay 120v Waxing Iron heats up very quickly and has zero holes on the face of the iron for less of a mess and has multiple temperature settings. This kit also includes a carry case that can fit all of its contents for easier travel or storage.


  • One Ball Jay 120v Waxing Iron
  • 130 gram pack of wax
  • P-Tex
  • Base Polishing Pad
  • Wax Scraper

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